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browser vpn securityBy the time our research team discovered the data breach, the server had already been compromised by ransomware.The company is required to verify that all users are active smokers before they can participate in the promotional activities. Database The breach was discovered on an unsecured Elasticsearch server located in Ireland.tunnelbear vpn win7We didn’t find evidence that users’ CNP numbers were exposed, but we were only able to view the daily logs.More Information May Be Exposed A lot of datavpn para netflix en ios bbdl may have been missing from the server due to the ransomware attack, so we can’t be sure what other information may be compromised.According to the privacy statement, the company collects and uses the following information when users register for any of its platforms: first and last name date of birth phone number email address place of residence brand and product preferences, including favorite tobacco In order to sign up for the platform, users must also enter a code that can only be obtained by purchasing a pack of cigarettes.hotspot shield free website

vpn android mikrotikUnfortunately, this means there might be even more data exposed.The logs seem to be records of http communications through the YOUniverse web platform.It is possible that users’ national identity numbers were previously exposed in the ransomware attack.avast secureline vpn proxyThe server also contained a readme file with a ransom request: Basvpn para netflix en ios bbdled on the readme file, it seems that a hacker or group of hackers are threatening to delete the data from the server if their demands aren’t met.It is likely that these indices were created by the hackers responsible for the ransomware attack.Some of the daily logs contain more than 60 millionorton secure vpn uninstall

windscribe vpn helpBy the time our research team discovered the data breach, the server had already been compromised by ransomware.Daily Logs Even after being tampered with, the server still contained some meaningful data.Some of the entries included messages written in Romanian.avg vpn macbookWe found 53 indices on the server, but nearly all of them were empty.That is concerning because CNP refers to a Romanian national identity card number.ro, the YOUniverse mobile application, experiencemore.best free vpn unlimited

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