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As a General Degree Course, the Department of Sanskrit began its beginnings in 2008. When Mrs. Karabi Chowdhuri came as a PTT, she was in charge of the department. From 2009 to 2011, Mrs. Sovona Mahapatra, Mr. Bishnu Prasad Das, Mr. Alokesh Tripathi, and Mrs. Mithu Mandal also joined as PTT. With intense affection and care, the Department fed them. Later in 2012, Mr. Anujit Patra came on board as a guest lecturer and assumed leadership. B.A. Honours in Sanskrit (Degree) Course was first offered as a course at the college level in 2011–2012.

             Since that time, he has been working for this department. In addition to Mr. Tapas Pal, Mr. Surajit Mukherjee came as a guest teacher a few months later and has since continued to work in this area. Later in August 2014, Mr. Biswendu Mondal became the department's head of department and was hired as an assistant professor. Since then, he has kept up his employment in this division. Later, as guest lecturers and ongoing employees, Mr. Madhusudan Garai (2018) and Mrs. Mousumi Akhuli (2017) joined. At the moment, the Department of Sanskrit offers the Subject for Honors, Program, & Generic applicants. For the use of the students, the library has around 500 text and reference books. We, the faculties, are committed to making a brave effort on our trip. Therefore, join us in this quest and have faith in yourself.

As in Hitopadeśa, it is said in an integrative way

                                                                          udyamena hi sidhyanti kāryāṇi na manorathaiḥ

                                                                          na hi suptasya siṁhasya praviśanti mukhe mṛgāḥ