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                                                        About the Department of Geography


The Department of Geography has started its journey with the UG GENERAL Course in affiliation with The University of Burdwan in the academic session 2008- 2009 (vide Ref. No. IC/Affen. /P/ 141/941 dated 06/06/2007). The Department of Geography got updated into the UG HONOURS Course in affiliation with  Bankura University ( vide….) in 2018 with an intake of 18. At present, the department has an intake capacity of 24 in UG Hons. and 60 in UG Programme courses respectively. The first UG Honours batch with 11 no.of students graduated from the Department in the year 2021.

The Laboratory and classroom of the department are well equipped. The faculty members are hard-working and devoted. The laboratory is well equipped with modern and advanced Geographical Instruments. The students of our Department use geographical instruments like Dumpy level, Theodolite, Prismatic Compass, and GPS under the careful supervision of departmental faculty members in the practical classes. 

Besides, regular classes, the department organizes class seminars, Exhibitions, Fresher’s Welcome, and Farewell Programme every year. 

The faculty members organise Educational Tours every year and engage the students in surveys, fieldwork etc. Study materials are supplied to the students in both offline and online modes. The Department organized five days long workshop on Q.GIS in 2020 online mode. The department has the facility of a feedback system for students thus we the faculty members know whether students learn properly or not. Based on feedback from students, the department takes necessary measures to better and quality education.