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The Department of English started its journey in 2007 with the foundation of the college. It is one of the most renowned departments of the college. The Department is crowned with five faculty members. Every year, the department organizes Academic Exhibitions to sharpen the communicative, creative, and comprehensive skills of the students. Besides class seminars, the department has organized three International Webinars in 2020-21 to keep the academic journey rolling during the Pandemic crisis. Renowned scholars such as Bill Ashcroft, Prof. Deb Narayan Bandopadhayaya, and Thomas Lynn among others delivered online lectures on various topics such as Postcolonialism, Transnationalism, Green Studies, Woman Studies etc. 


The Students of the department participate regularly in class-tests, class seminars, and spoken English classes. Besides regular academic activities, the department provides free books to students in need and houses a departmental library. 

Many students of the department participate in creative activities such as preparing Wall Magazines, Posters, Flyers etc. The Department organized a cultural program (Harvest Festival) back in 2018 to uphold the indigenous culture of Bankura District. Chou Dance, Santhali Dance, and  Jhumur songs were presented. In 2022 the department organized Vasant Utsav to imbue everyone with colors of joy. Besides, the department organized a training camp for self-defense of girl students in 2022. 


Now the department is planning to expand itself by introducing PG in English and is about to start the procedure for obtaining permission from the Higher Education and Bankura University. 

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